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Lexx, always comin’ with it.  

A digital collage I finished last night, inspired by MUGPUSH music…

Tabbynacle Choir - Deck the Halls (1982)


GP - Special Brownswood Basement Edition w/ DJ Shadow
Gilles and Josh, all vinyl (some chatter) for 2 hours. All I need. 
Tracklist: Omar Khorshid — Rasket El Fadaa (MFP) Gerald Wilson and His Orchestra — Algerian Fantasy (Jazz Factory) Sh/Jazz Quintet — Jordu (Supraphon) Toldi Maria — Fazom (Qualiton) King James Version — He’s Forever (White) Andrew Wartts — Rise Up (Numero
) Darling Dears — I Don’t Think I Could Ever Love Another (White) The Meditation Singers — Let Them Talk (Soul Jazz) The Meditation Singers — Trouble’s Brewing (Jewel) David Frost & Billy Taylor — Bright Star In The East (Bell) DJ Shadow — I’ve Been Trying (Island) DJ Shadow — Organ Donor (Mo Wax) DJ Shadow — 6 Days (Island
) DJ Shadow — This Time (Island) DJ Krush — Duality Feat DJ Shadow (Mo Wax) Impluse — Face From The Past (White) The Limit — Do It (Survival Records) Jerome — Guitar Rap (White) Doty Gouock — Wouck (Musique Mondiale) Earl Rodney — Juck Juck (Antillana) [unknown] — Untitled (White) Sonny Okosuns — Sound Of The Forest (Soundway) Brain Train — Me (Titan)
Edit: For you nerds out there, I’ve split up each track, including the talking segments, all labeled properly, and uploaded it for your listening pleasure. Enjoy. 
Also, the [Unknown] - Untitled track was Orchestra Baobab - Kelen Ati Leen (Soundway)