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Recent Brent Rollins interview with O-Dub. 
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The Steoples - Nature of the Soul (by gftdblsd)

New project from LA based producer, GB

HVW8 art & design

Study in Synchronization and Synthesis No. 7 (by gftdblsd)

Music by GB

Video by Alan Algee


Los Angeles massive.

The Curve Of Forgotten Things by Todd Cole 

Hollywood’s latest darling, Elle Fanning, goes digging for buried treasure in Todd Cole’s new collaboration with RodarteThe film highlights design duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s spring 2011 collection, which drew inspiration from 1970s northern California, referencing Redwood forests, the gold rush and Asian influences. The Somewhere star pirouettes through the empty rooms of the historic Baldwin House (which sits on an oil field in LA’s Baldwin Hills), her outfits magically changing from one room to the next. Shot on a RED camera using Cooke lenses from the 70s, the short’s dusty focus references seminal movies of that era, such as Terrence Malick’s Badlands, while Georgia-based indie rockers Deerhunter provide the dreamy soundtrack. As for the title, Cole explains: “It’s the title of a Richard Brautigan poem. The poem and the film are about forgotten things—circles and the curve of time.” 


Finally caught a screening of Somewhere and dug it, especially the mature performance by 12-year old, Elle Fanning. 

Teebs: Better Living Through ‘Beat Music’ : NPR (audio + interview) 
Mtendere Mandowa, also known as Teebs, is an electronic artist from Los Angeles. Though he rarely works with musical instruments himself, he takes other people’s recordings, loads them onto his laptop and manipulates the sounds. He adds layer after layer, beat upon beat, until he’s left with a chaotic collage of sound.
Been enjoying Ardour the last few weeks. From the Hills of Chino, CA, Teebs makes beautiful sound, paintings, and is inspired by Christmas and Gospel records. 
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Arthur Verocai - Flying To LA (Video)

Arthur Verocai is a mysterious figure even in his native Brasil. He has composed and arranged for such giants as Jorge Ben, Gal Costa and Leny Andrade. But hiphop heads know him for his often sampled (see Ludacris, MF Doom and Lil Brother) self-titled solo album. The album came out at the height of the Brasilian dictatorship and was a commercial failure. His performance of this seminal 1972 record complete brought the sold out crowd at the Luckman Theater to a stand still. According to Verocai, he had never played the record, “alive or dead!” His delight at the opportunity to play this music in its complete form can be seen on the Timeless DVD box set. 

This song, “Flying to L.A.” was written specifically for the concert at the Luckman. It starts with open drums by Mamao from the famed Brasilian trio Azymuth, and then goes on a beautiful harmonic journey. Enjoy, share and turn it up.

(via The Sounds of VTech)


This is straight butter.

Beautiful sounds and footage from the Arthur Verocai Timeless performance (March 15, 2009)

One of the more memorable live shows I’ve experienced.

Thanks to Mochilla and V-Tech, the Timeless series is now available.

Dublab 10 years